Friday, March 1, 2013

March: Sibling Stories

First of all, the winner of February's giveaway is...Robin with an "i"! Robin, just let me know which of February's books you'd like and whether you'd like a paper copy or an ecopy.

Now that things are warming up and February is ending, we'll leave our ice and snow stories and turn to...

Sibling stories! There are so many great stories about brothers and sisters, and this month I'll feature four of them on the blog. We'll have a story about brothers, a story about sisters, and stories that feature both. And, of course, there will be fun science activities, both from me and from a couple of special guests. So keep checking back!

And as usual, all comments this month (including comments on this post) will be entered to win their choice of our March sibling books! (New followers get an automatic entry too.) And as a special bonus, you'll get to choose TWO books--one for you, and one for a classroom of your choice!


  1. Just wanted to say....I love the whole idea of your blog, Elaine. So fun! And I'm looking forward to reading about these sibling stories. :)

  2. I love this idea. Are you including the Penderwicks? They have to be some of my favorite fictional siblings.

  3. Hmmm, all my favorite sibling stories aren't middle grade (I know you are surprised, seeing as I read MG so much :)) Can't wait to see the books to recommend to my kids!